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              Covering all major fields, Creating overall solutions,with high-quality products and frontier etchnology to creat a total solution

              Star Products

              Providing quality products and services to life researchers and human health

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              Leader in integrated services in the field of life science reagents and consumables industrialization

              About Us

              One of the largest suppliers of experimental biological reagent products in China

              Excell Biology Company,which originated from the well-known brand--genetimes,is an innovative high-tech enterprise founded in 1998. It focuses on providing high-quality products and technical services to customers in the field of life sciences and biotechnology. It has grown into the leader of life science reagents and consumables industrialization integrated services,the leading domestic enterprise in providing complete solutions for life sciences, and one of the largest suppliers of laboratory biological reagents in China.

              Brand certification

              打Making China's LIFE TECH-NOLOGIES

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